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We support your digitalization projects from a process data and PI system perspective.

Having all process data instantly accessible, fully contextualized and organized in an asset hierarchy is key drivers for operational improvements and optimization of production.

Customers also rely on us to guide them in the PI System architecture, providing reliable PI System support. We take pride in knowing each customer, their site(s), applications and processes. As such, we assist and support you at the system integration level, including custom solutions and integrations.

PI System Support

Flexible support options which is built to suit our client’s requirements. From guaranteed response time to fully outsourcing the responsibility of keeping your PI System up and running.

PI System Training

Experienced and certified PI System instructors ready to support your team with custom training and workshops.

PI System Assistance

Installation, upgrades, configuration, architecture, system integration, application design and development.

PI System Projects

Improvement projects to optimize your PI System data infrastructure and fully utilize your process data. Consolidate, centralize, contextualize and visualize your process data.

PI Asset Framework Project

PI AF enables you to accelerate your digital transformation strategies and generate business value across the enterprise.

The enabling layer for a scalable digitalization journey, for handling and utilizing an increasing amount of data and data sources.

Immediately generate business values, scaling aggregated calculations, displays, dashboards, advanced analytics and visualizations across your entire enterprise.

  • Yes, PI AF is highly scalable.
  • Yes, PI AF lets you consolidate, contextualize, and visualize all of your process data.

Short sprints

Nail it then scale it. Identify your most production critical assets. This is where to start. Scale your structure to utilize the quick wins, before moving on to your next asset.


Do not build the wheel. Reuse existing hierarchies and models from industry standards, engineering systems, the control systems etc. In many cases, these hierarchies and models can be consumed, utilized and built further.


We will assist in building a structure that limits the degree of manually engineering effort to maintain. If this one fails your structure will fail.

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